Pre Marriage Courses

Every couple preparing for Marriage are obliged to complete a Pre Marriage Course.  There is no specific time by which the course has to be completed by in order to obtain maximum benefit from it, couples should complete a course as soon as possible.

The Options

There are a number of options available to couples depending on their need.  It is advisable to discuss the course that might best suit.  If you’re looking for a recommendation regarding a good course, then the course in Esker is by far the best, and well worth the weekend!!

Esker Monastery : (091) 844549

Esker Pre Marriage Course & Marriage Information


Accord Tuam: (094) 9022214; Galway:(091) 562331; Ballinasloe: (090) 9643573—Details of Premarriage courses locally & nationally)


Together Pre Marriage Courses—Dublin (01) 2964257—Angela. Details of one day courses in Dublin










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